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Over the next several weeks, the outnumbered Alliance lost multiple scouting parties and patrols to turian offensives. The conflict came to a head when a turian fleet broke through Alliance lines and besieged the human colony of Shanxi.With no other options, the Alliance garrison on Shanxi surrendered, and the turians proceeded to occupy the world, confident that the majority of Alliance.

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The Queen is 'hurt' by Channel 4 programme about her. The Queen is 'hurt’ by Channel 4 programme about her mentally handicapped cousins Lady Elizabeth Anson says the Queen was upset by the Channel 4 documentary on Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon.

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Edward VIII described disabled brother as an 'animal. The Queen’s uncle wrote that his mentally disabled younger brother was like an “animal” whose death was a “great relief” to the royal family, it has emerged. Edward VIII described how.

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Study: Homosexuals And Bisexuals Are More Likely To Be. John Hydenius is a journalist living in Sweden. He would love to tell you more about himself. If people found out who he was, though, he would lose all of his Swedish friends and probably end up on a list of enemies of the state.

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Dating sims you won't believe actually exist | GamesRadar+ When it comes to, shall we say, progressive couples, no one tops the open-minded pairings found in dating sims.

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Developmental disability - Wikipedia Developmental disability is a diverse group of chronic conditions that are due to mental or physical impairments that arise before adulthood. Developmental disabilities cause individuals living with them many difficulties in certain areas of life, especially in 'language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living'. Developmental disabilities can be detected early on and persist.

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Agent Orange - Wikipedia Agent Orange is an herbicide and defoliant chemical, one of the tactical use Rainbow Herbicides.It is widely known for its use by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. It is a mixture of equal parts of two herbicides, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D.In addition to its damaging environmental effects, traces of dioxin found.

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10 Things You Should Know About Dating In Panama True love. Is it worth it to take a chance at finding love in a foreign country? I did. And I just passed the 13-year mark with Marlene. Well, you can’t fall in love without putting yourself out there and playing the dating game, whether it be in the physical world or in the online arena.